Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs gives a clear picture of the importance of relationships to humans. We see this in our daily lives, as we yearn for human connections and intentionally avoid loneliness.

Building relationships is work. All the parties in a relationship must put in efforts to make it work. These efforts help the relationship to survive externalities that might pose threats to the relationship.

Technology, a two-sided coin, has its positive and negative aspects, affecting relationships. To survive the onslaught of technology, there are things that people in a relationship must do.

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Listed below are 4 tips you can use to make your relationship survive the onslaught of technology.

1.  Communicate

Relationships survive on open and honest communication. Communication is a way to send and receive messages. To make your relationship survive the onslaught of technology, you should ensure that there is two-way communication between you and your partner. This way, you can express your emotions and also understand what your partner needs. Because there are several forms of technological distractions, it is important to eliminate all forms of distractions while communicating with your partner.

2.  Be Open to Receiving and Giving

In a relationship where either party or both parties are not willing to give and receive, friction is bound to occur. Being willing to give and receive is an important factor in the survival of any relationship. Giving and receiving time, affection, care, and concern help you build intimacy with your partner. This helps to ward off any negative impacts technology might pose to your relationship.

3.  Quality Time

Spending quality time with your partner helps the relationship survive and helps you create a unique bond with your partner. Quality time is relative, as it differs with relationships and the people in them. It could be taking walks, seeing a movie together, listening to music you both enjoy, playing fun games together, travelling to new places, or cooking together. You can discover several things about your partner when you spend quality time with them. It strengthens the relationship and helps to survive the onslaught of technology.

4.  Control Use of Technology

One of the many effective tips to make your relationship survive the onslaught of technology is to control your use of technology. Controlling how you and your partner use technology when you are together can have positive effects on the relationship.


Surviving the onslaught of technology in a relationship is a progressive action. There is a need to continually evolve with the world and relationships also need to evolve. Using the tips listed above not only helps your relationship survive but also helps you to build stronger and healthier relationships.