5 Tips Picked a Visa Consultant In Australia

Many visas agents, both genuine and fake, kept showing up in various areas in Australia, especially in popular areas like Bankstown and Sydney. Besides, immigration change relatory related to the Australian Visa application also happens because of the entrance of strangers, who increases the potential of a fake agent. As a result of tourism and Development in Australia, a huge number of travelers can be found in various areas in this beautiful island country. If you are one of the strangers who are interested in enjoying Australia for the holidays or to work and sleepover, here are some tips so you can avoid fraud when you pick a visa consultant.

Factors to consider when choosing a Visa consultant in Australia

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a visa consultant in Australia, so you can avoid the bad events and clutter that might befall.

1.   Always check if your visa agent is registered

All visa agents in Australia are required to register themselves by Australian law. Make sure you always choose a visa consultant who is not only registered but already has a reputation.

Registered Visa consultants such as Hermis & Associates will help you with your visa application, interview preparation, filing documents, from start to finish. They will also provide the best recommendation and guide for your visa application.

2.   Finding a trusted Visa agent

While there are many visa consultants available in Australia, it is not easy to choose one that can be trusted. If you choose a fraudulent visa agent, this will surely be able to mess you up and make your entire visa process a nightmare.

For example, fraudulent visa agents can make you lose important documents for visa applications, spend money on unnecessary things and lose visa eligibility and other opportunities in Australia. So, stay away from an agent like this.

3.   Ask about their experiences and qualifications

It is strongly advised that you do a background check about the experience, credibility, and qualification of the visa agent you choose to administer the visa.

Usually, experienced and knowledgeable visa agents will have an informative site, customer testimonials, and contact information as well as a valid office address. Trusted visa agents will always be ready to help you with complex situations.

4. Avoid visa agencies offering job guarantees in Australia

Avoid visa consultants claiming to be able to give you a job in Australia. Chances are, this attractive job offer is fake and is only used to attract strangers and earn a profit.

5. Ensure the cost of visa application service and fees as it is

Trusted visa agents certainly offer affordable and specific costs for various services. Sometimes these costs are available on the company’s website so you know the range of fees you’ll pay