9 Ways to Keep Your Body Fit and Healthy even though You Sit All Day

Sitting all day while working can be dangerous for health, you know.

Sitting at a desk all day is not something new for those of you who are already working. Requested to sit all day while working for approximately 8 hours does look relaxed.

But actually this can be burdensome to the body, you know! fit despite sitting all day working

Several studies say that sitting all day for a long time has the risk of endangering the health of the body. Call it starting from tired eyes, shoulder pain, headaches, hunched back, obesity, to the risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Not only does it have an impact on health, sitting for a long time while working can also make you feel bored, even uncomfortable.

Tips for Staying Fit Despite Sitting All Day While Working

So, how do you stay fit and healthy while sitting at your desk all day at work? Come on, take a peek at some tips to stay in shape even if you sit for a long time while working like Rukita.

1. Position the monitor screen as comfortable as possible

fit despite sitting all day

For those of you who work with laptops or computers on a daily basis, you have to really pay attention to the position of the monitor. Position the monitor screen as comfortable as possible. Make sure the top edge of the monitor is level with your eye.

This is one way to avoid eye fatigue and back pain.

If the monitor is too low, then you will automatically look down, making your neck and back ache and sore. However, if your monitor is too high it can cause dry eyes.

2. Add a pillow for back support

fit despite sitting all day

It may sound trivial, but you can add a pillow to support your back so you don’t get too tired while sitting. Soft pillows can also make your sitting comfortable, right?

Soft pillows can also be an addition to the work table decoration to make it look fresher and more attractive.

3. Sit with the correct posture

fit despite sitting all day

If you often sit all day while working, you will unconsciously change your back position. Most workers who sit for a long time in front of the computer will have a hunched back due to an incorrect sitting position.

If you sit for a long time in an incorrect position, this can cause neck muscles to strain, stiff shoulders, and back pain.

Well, you don’t want to be like that, right?

To avoid the bad effects of improper sitting position, you can try to sit up straight. Not only that, you can also prop your back with a pillow to keep it comfortable.

Then, keep your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent 90 degrees. Sitting in this position will help your body stay relaxed and fit during work.

4. Work while standing

If you feel bored with sitting all day while working, you can really try to work while standing. Not only good for the body, but it can also make you feel fresh.

Nowadays it is commonplace for offices to provide standing desks for work. This is actually highly recommended for those of you who work while sitting for long periods of time.

The benefits of using this standing desk are so that muscles are not tense and long-term health is maintained.

One thing that needs to be ensured is that the standing desk position must be made as comfortable as possible.

No need to work all day in a standing position, of course the body will also be tired. But, try to limit sitting time to no more than 2 hours, then alternate 2 hours of standing at a standing desk while stretching.

After getting tired of standing, he was invited to sit down again. But don’t enjoy sitting down, OK!

5. Don’t forget to stretch

Sometimes because you are too busy working, you forget to stretch or stretch. In fact, stretching is one thing that must be done in order to stay in shape even when sitting all day while working.

To reduce tense neck muscles, you can stretch by pulling your chin with one hand until your cheek is parallel to your shoulder. Do it repeatedly until you feel more relaxed.

6. Don’t be lazy to move!

Fill your free time while working by taking a walk or moving. Taking a short walk after a long period of sitting will refresh your body and relax your muscles.Try to go to the toilet that is further away from your seat. Besides that, you can also stop by the pantry or just take a walk in the office area.

7. Provide healthy snacks

Trust me, when you sit for a long time while working, surely your appetite for food will increase. Especially if there are snacks such as chocolate or potato chips.

Instead of eating unhealthy foods, it’s better to provide healthy snacks from home such as fruits or nuts. Besides being filling but also healthy.

8. Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Often times, because you are busy at work, you forget to maintain your water intake. Even though keeping the body hydrated is important, you know.

Don’t forget to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to stay focused, reduce aches, and improve your mood. The amount of water that must be consumed can be adjusted to the activities and condition of your body.

In addition, you can also make infused water by mixing water with lemon slices, so that your day is fresher and your digestion remains smooth. However, this is not recommended for those of you who have high stomach acid.

9. Don’t delay lunch

You who are often busy working in front of the monitor may often delay lunch. In fact, having lunch on time is the key so that you can stay in shape even though you sit all day at work.

Try bringing your own lunch from home to get a healthier menu. Or you can also try healthy food catering, which currently has many choices.

10. Nutritious breakfast

Maybe many of you like to skip breakfast in the morning because you are busy. In fact, breakfast is the most important meal time to keep the body in shape during a day’s work.

Choose a healthy menu such as fruit juice, oats, whole wheat bread, and boiled eggs. You can also have breakfast with your favorite cut fruits.

So, here are some tips to keep you in shape while sitting all day working in front of the monitor. Remember, a healthy body is important for smooth activity and work productivity. If you want the results you want to be even more maximal, make sure you adjust it including adjusting your diet. Interested in trying it? please visit the official website here metaboost