Best Tips to Make the Best Drone Footage

The vast majority of civilian drones available on the market are equipped with an on-board camera, which logically makes their owners want to use this feature to capture beautiful and spectacular images during the flight of their radio-controlled aircraft. As a large number of novice videographer pilots have realized, taking photos and video with a drone require some basic knowledge to make the most of their flight times and succeed in aerial shots. Here are the best tips to make the best drone footage.

Choose Quality Equipment for the Drone

This may seem a little bit like stating the obvious, but it is clear that the quality of a drone determines the quality of the drone footage. Let there be no illusions about this: a cheap little drone equipped with a small 720p camera does not allow the same reproduction as a better-quality device, capable of recording full HD 1080p or 4K videos. The minimum is to have a high-definition video camera that can film in 1080p, or better yet a 4K HD camera with 14-megapixel sensor.

Using a perfectly stabilized drone is an important factor in the quality of the result when making a drone footage. Some models carry a stabilized 3-axis gimbal on which the camera is attached, and vibration attenuation systems caused by each rotor and propeller. On the other hand, it is essential to be able to view the images being filmed live and in high quality, whether through a screen integrated into the radio control, a smartphone, or FPV goggles. Also choose a drone with as much as smart flight modes. It allows you to program and automate the drone so as it can fly while you focus on the framing and the image quality.

How to Pilot a Filming Drone Properly?

If your drone does not allow remote camera settings to be changed during flight, it is important to do so before the flight. If you want to capture large spaces and landscapes, turn off autofocus and set the camera focal length as close as possible to infinite. Gaining height is also a factor that greatly improves the composition of the video shots obtained, thanks to a better field of vision. The upstream preparation of the flight plan is an element which enhances the general quality of the drone footage. It also makes it possible to better use the autonomy of the batteries of the drone and to save your time.