Reading the Minds of Everyone

My mind has been completely blown after last week. My best friend’s birthday was last week and I had a party for him. For entertainment, I went to and hired a mentalist that would be able to perform amazing mental acts on the party guests. The mentalist was even better than I expected, and everyone who attended the party couldn’t believe just how great he was at reading their minds. My friend isn’t the kind of person who is easily impressed by performers, but the mentalist was able to completely make him excited. To him, it was the best birthday party he ever had.

The mentalist worked on every guest at the party one by one, revealing just what they were thinking and revealing information that no one else would have known about them.…

The New Age of Social Media

We live in a time where our way of living has changed tremendously. Kids no longer play outside; they have phones now to keep them company. There is a disconnect with face to face communication because of technology. You have to talk to people on purpose now in order to build relationships.

Acknowledge those Around you

Having your face stuck in a phone all day long is rude. Technology is taking over the lives of the people. Keeping people occupied on their phones or computers shows a lack of discipline. If you can’t take your eyes out of the phone long enough to greet people or have a conversation. There’s a problem with discipline and there needs to be a discipline check. Even the younger kids are stuck to tablets and cell phones.

The best option would be to limit them to how long they’re on social media. It’s not …

Why Millennial Moms Like High Tech Baby Items

A no-touch thermometer, ankle bracelets that track heart rate and sleep cycles, a hands-free breast pump, a baby changing pad that also functions as a scale and a sleep monitor sounds pretty fancy for a few baby items. Indeed these items are pretty fancy. But who needs a changing table that reports to a smartphone app the exact weight of a baby and who needs a hands free pump to pump breast milk? You guessed it. Millennial moms. Tech creators and product developers love how millennial moms enjoy high tech baby items and don’t mind spurlging on. 

Millennials are a generation that is engrossed with technology. They’ve practically grown up with it. So, why would they not want the same for their children? These infants are born into a world with parents who want the latest and greatest technological discoveries for their children. These parents don’t mind shelling out money …