Enjoy the Romantic Honeymoon in the Tropical Paradise of the Indian Ocean

Marriage is a sacred thing that is done once in a lifetime, of course, everything must be prepared carefully, including the honeymoon. Every couple certainly will not miss the honeymoon moment. An impressive and unforgettable honeymoon would be every couple’s dream. Apart from the hustle and bustle of the city that we face every day, the nuances of the beach surrounded by clear water, white sand, and the sound of the leaves of trees waving in the wind can be one of the best choices to honeymoon with a partner. The beauty of the beach can be found on the island of Maldives, an island located in the Indian Ocean (about 400km from southwest India and 700km from Sri Lanka). For those of you who want to plan a honeymoon, Beach Villa Maldives can be one of the mandatory options on your choice list.

The Maldives has quite a several islands, it has 1192 islands but not all of them are inhabited because they are coral islands. From many coral islands presented in these waters, 26 large coral atoll islands are surrounding the lagoon like a large ring when it is viewed from above.

Of the 26 atoll islands, only 10 islands are open to tourists namely lhaviyani, raa, baa, kaafu, alifu, vaavu, meemu, faafu, dhaalu, and seenu. The names of these islands do sound a little strange because it is still influenced by Arabic culture and the majority of the Maldives population is Muslim. Not only formed from some personal opinions that make Maldives a worth visiting place, but many awards that Maldives has achieved have proven its beauty. Some of the awards are like the Best Country Brand for Beach, Best Country Brand for rest (2008), World’s Most Romantic Destination (2007, 2010, 2011) and Indian Ocean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination (2012) at the World Travel Awards.

Maldives is perfect to be called the last paradise on earth because all the filling components inside are very harmonious in nature. The blue of the sea spreads freely. The beauty of the ocean that looked shimmering because of the sunshine will spoil the couples who love the romance of nature. Apart from the noise of the city, the sound of the small waves that greeted the beach sounded so soothing

Not only the surface, Maldives underwater also presents a very beautiful view. Behind the clear sea, you can see coral atolls, coral reefs, and colorful fishes play around near the reef. Here, you can swim while enjoying their beauty. Snorkeling and diving can be an option for tourists to spend time enjoying the Maldives ecosystem.

Now, it is a fact when someone says that Maldives is a tropical paradise located in the Indian Ocean. It is not too difficult to go to this island, Maldives gives 30 days visas for free start from the arrival.