Enjoy World Class Hotel Facilities in Bangkok

From the distance, it was immediately apparent how unique the building of Solitaire Bangkok it was. The location is in the area near Urban Bangkok, Thailand. The hotel is Bangkok’s Solitaire Hotel, a first 4-star hotel in Bangkok. The full address is on Sukhumvit Street Number: 13, Bangkok. The location of Hotel Solitaire Bangkok is also very strategic. As we all know, Bangkok is the best metropolitan city in Southeast Asia. Besides, the Solitaire Hotel in China is surrounded by various facilities such as hospitals, schools, and campuses, to the shopping center and not far from this hotel.

Not surprisingly, if one market segment This hotel is Bangkok residents who deliberately want to visit the area of Sukhumvit. solitaire hotel bangkok is the right choice to place to stay. Suitable to visit on weekends. Regarding restaurants, Solitaire Bangkok also has Western and Chinese restaurants. As well as a restaurant called @Spice All Day Dining.

The draw of this hotel is 15-floors building design. The top of the diamond-shaped building type solitaire. Glance shaped like a cube. That is why the hotel is called the Hotel Solitaire, a unique icon in luxury buildings. The cube building starting from the 11th floor our building very iconic and spectacular. The building illustrates the types of solitaire diamond pieces.

At the top of the building, there was a dance hall that can accommodate up to 700 people to hold a party. Meanwhile, the round table has a capacity of 240 people. Next week there will be the first married couple to use this ballroom as a wedding venue. Ballroom surrounded by glass so you can see the view outside.

For the room unit itself, there are 257 rooms with 7 different room types. There is also, a Premier room type Family, Executive Club, and Executive Club Suite. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to visit all kinds of rooms. However, we have visited three types of rooms, namely: Premier Family (king bed), Premier Twin, and Executive Club Suite.

The first room we visited was Family Premier (Twin). In-room facilities are enough to pamper a family. There are some LED TV and a sofa. There is also a luxury bathroom equipped with a bathtub.

Interestingly, this room has a different spatial scale. This room type is made so that the walls of the room and the window of the room are not only vertical.

Next, we went to the Premier room with a king bed. The facilities here are quite the same, there are some television and a table and chairs plus. However, this corner is different from the Premier family room. Vertical walls and windows. The same thing between the two types of rooms is having a bathroom with one side of a wall made of glass. But not to worry, the window can also be closed with automatic curtains.

Finally, we visited the luxurious Executive Suite room. This room is semicircular. So, the mattress in this room is located on the left side from a 180-degree angle. To get to the right side from a 180-degree angle, visitors will slightly pass through an empty hallway. All corners of the wall face out using a window. The Executive Suite is equipped with one king bed, table and chairs, and sofa.

In addition to the rooms visited, Solitare Bangkok has a meeting room located on the 6th floor. There are seven meeting rooms on this floor with the names Citrine, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Topaz, Zircon, and Tourmaline. The coolest is Tourmaline. It is right next to the elevator. Besides this room is also shaped like a circle. The end of the Tourmaline room is the door to the room, aka a small park. Visitors can take pictures with the background of tall buildings. The wind here is also not too strong, so it gives a little cold feeling. This tourmaline room immediately has a door to open space.

One more facility that we can visit at Solitaire Bann China is the Acqua Spa on the 7th floor. Yes, it is true that in this place visitors can feel a massage that is guaranteed to relieve pain in the body.

Acqua Spa has three Full Body Massage services, Bamboo Breeze Signature, In Deep Tissue Massage, and Slumberland. Also, Acqua Spa provides spa services for children aged 2-12 years. Children’s spa or children’s spa is the first time present in Southeast Asia. Solitaire Bangkok is the only four-star hotel that provides this service.

Kid Spa certainly has different services from spas for adults. Your child will feel massage but likes to play. For example, in the first stage, they will play the same water as bathing. Then they will enter the salt room which is similar to a sauna. The difference is, this salt chamber has a beautiful color that children love. In this salt, the room can provide therapy to children suffering from sinusitis.

So, what are you waiting for, book a room at Solitaire Bangkok now?