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5 Hacks to Apply in Your Android Phone Without Rooting Process/ 5 Tips that Android User Should Know to make their Device functional Without Rooting

As an android user, you might want to increase the functionality of your phone and most people always consider the rooting of the device. Knowing the different android hacks ensures that you avoid the dangers of rooting. Below are some of the android tricks that you should know that can enhance its functionality.

Some apps have been devised to ensure that an Android user can download them to facilitate the screen recording function. You should research on play store to get the screen recording apps and also ensure that you have an android lollipop 5.0 to enable the running of this kind of downloads and you can read more here.

It is easy to play some of the most complicated games that android phone does not support once you understand the android hacks. You will get to enjoy your favorite games such as the Pokemon and Nintendo 64 games once you have found the best game emulators and you can learn here. Android systems supports the game emulation as compared to different systems which requires you to root your phone.

Once you have acquired the budget tablet or android phone, after using it for some time you will have to suffer the lagging process. Lag reduction can be made possible without having to download the application, and for this to happen you’ll have to tweak some settings on your phone on your device. You can ensure that your phone is running smoothly, by going to the settings and find the animation scales and change the value from 1 x to 0.5 x.

You can customize the widgets so that you may add feature which can increase the functionality of your phone. It is easy to achieve specific functions when you know the right customization apps which you can download to make most of the features functional to meet your needs. When you want to get the best customization apps, you can click here.

The phone can be a useful gadget in your market to boost performance because of its ability to control specific functions on your PC. The ability of your phone to remotely control your PC ensures that you take you to make your business flexible since you can present or even check emails from wherever you are, and you can discover more here.

It is not necessary that you root your phone before you can access the different functions that are available because of the android hacks. Understanding the different hacks can make you discover more about your android system, and you can check this site.