Key Advantages Of Choosing Longspan Shelving

There is no doubt that when it comes to effective warehousing solutions, longspan shelving is the answer. Hundreds and thousands of warehouses across the world make use of long span shelving to meet all their storage solutions. Longspan shelving solutions provided by

 are uniquely designed to store both medium and small items.

When products are stored on longspan shelving they can be quickly and easily retrieved regardless of how they are stored. Longspan shelving can easily hold boxed items or those in drums. There is a wide variety of shelves is all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of every business. Additionally, longspan shelves are available in mesh, chipboard or steel, depending on how it will be used in a warehouse. One of the reasons why longspan shelving has grown in popularity is because it can be suitably adapted to fit into any premises and hold almost every product.

Some of the technological advancements of the longspan shelves in modernised locking systems and ultra-secure support beams. Longspan shelves are safe for use in almost every warehouse and are far more durable than their counterparts. Here are a few of the advantages of using longspan shelving;

Durable and light

The materials from which longspan shelves are crafted make them extremely durable and very lightweight. This makes the shelves easier to move without taking away from their strength.

Easily adjustable

With the modernisation of longspan shelving, heavy duty shelves no longer need to be bolted. The other advantage of this is that they can be easily adjusted to add height whenever needed. Your business is no longer restricted to packing space. Simply add in a few extra pins and rivets and you’re set with a newly added space in your warehouse.


Longspan shelving can easily hold a large variety of merchandise. Everything from tiny mechanical pieces to large heavy boxes. Because the shelves can be so easily customized they are the best way to get cost-effective storage solutions for your warehouse.

Vertical storage

You get more storage space for your money when you go vertical. Freeing up much-needed floor space in your warehouse is essential for growing a business. Vertical storage in a warehouse is the most space efficient solution.

Material choice

The choice of materials for your shelving can differ for every section of your warehouse. Alternatively, the materials you use can vary for different items you store in your warehouse. The most commonly used materials include wood, steel, mesh, and melamine. Remember that you will want to choose a material which can work with your product.

Easy to clean

Shelving units which are made from steel are far easier to clean than their counterparts. If you are dealing with sensitive products you will want to make sure that your shelved are regularly cleans and sanitised. The same can be said for businesses in the food industry. In these industries, it is important to keep your selves and warehouse as clean as possible to avoid health issues.