Preplanning Your Funeral: What You Need to Know

No matter who you are, one of the few things you can predict for sure is that you will die one day. One of the main considerations in planning for today is to use Academy Funeral Services Sydney, despite the sadness that your death caused your family, you can minimize stress and financial stress on them as a result of your death. Some funeral directors say that there are between 50 and 100 decisions to make when planning a funeral and, the more you can plan, the fewer decisions your family has to make. More importantly, you can make these decisions calmly and rationally instead of having your family make them in their mourning chaos.

The financial aspect of a funeral is not to be taken lightly as it can cost upwards of $10,000. Preplanning your funeral allows you to prepay many of these costs well in advance according to your ability to make periodic payments without causing stress to your finances. This ensures that your family is not presented with a large bill at a time when they are least prepared to cope. Otherwise, inadequate finances or insurance arrangements may well result in forcing your family to cut corners which can be socially embarrassing. Three major expenses that occur in anybody’s life are planning for a house, a car, and a funeral. Can you imagine your plight if you were forced to take major financial decisions about buying a car or a house or making arrangements for the money when grieving for a loved one?

All of us have very firm views about the manner in which we say farewell to this world and preplanning your funeral puts you in a good position to spell out your wishes in this regard. You can arrange for every detail that is important to you well in advance whether you are choosing your favorite music, your favorite flowers or making donations to your favorite causes. Imagine going out of this world in exactly the manner of your choosing.

It is always a good idea to begin preplanning your funeral by discussing the arrangements in detail with the funeral director of your choice. In the first place, he can probably provide you with a guide that contains details of all the arrangements that you need to make. You can also draw on his expertise and advice to make decisions on everything ranging from choosing a casket to making arrangements for a burial plot. You can even decide the wording of your obituary or your gravestone and incorporate these into the arrangements.

The last thing that you need to ensure once you have completed your funeral preplanning arrangements is to ensure that all the related documents and contracts are kept in a safe place. Don’t forget to inform your family about these arrangements and the whereabouts of the documents so that, when they are needed, your family can easily access them and complete the necessary arrangements.