Take Care of Teeth and Mouth Healthy Properly

After brushing and rinsing your teeth, try checking the condition of your teeth by looking in the mirror. Are your teeth starting to look black in the dent of your teeth? Well, according to drg. This october is a sign that you have cavities or caries, you know. If left untreated, the holes in the teeth can get deeper and bigger, which can cause pain. This certainly can make you in a bad mood all day and can’t even enjoy the holidays.

So, what is the solution to dealing with cavities and preventing other teeth from experiencing the same thing? First, you must first check the condition of the holes in your teeth. Whether the hole has just reached the enamel layer, dentin, or is it getting deeper into the pulp. This is important so that you can do the right treatment. Where do you think the holes in your teeth have reached?

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This is the outer layer of the teeth which is white. Now, when the cavities are still in the enamel layer, you usually don’t feel pain or ache. However, through this hole food scraps can get into it and risk making the hole deeper and wider.

  • Dentin

This layer is located in the middle of the tooth which is yellow in color and consists of dentine tubules that are sensitive to heat, cold, and acid stimuli. If you feel sore when consuming cold, hot, or sour drinks or foods, it means that the holes in your teeth have reached the dentin layer.

  • Pulp

This is the innermost part of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves. If the hole reaches the pulp layer, you will feel excruciating pain.

How to take care of cavities

If the tooth is already hollow, how do you take care of it? Should it be removed?

not necessarily all cavities that have to be removed, the important thing is you must immediately consult a doctor.

  1. If the holes are still in the enamel, you only need to go to the dentist once. At the clinic, cavities are cleaned and then covered with permanent fillings that resemble natural teeth.
  2. The tooth hole has reached the dentin? By the doctor, your teeth will be observed. If the permanent filling can be closed, it means you only need to do one treatment at the dental clinic. However, if it still hurts, usually the tooth will be closed temporarily. After that, the next meeting will be patched permanently.
  3. Now, if the hole has reached the pulp layer, your teeth will be dissected, then the root canals are cleaned one by one until all the infections at the root tips have shrunk, and there are no complaints of pain. After that, the tooth is filled with filling material and closed with a permanent filling. This process takes about four to five treatments to the dentist.

How to Prevent Cavities

So that your teeth don’t have cavities, of course you have to be more diligent in keeping your teeth and mouth clean. After brushing your teeth, you also need to rinse with mouthwash to clean leftover food between your teeth and the narrowest areas in the oral cavity. You can also use teeth whitening supplements from Steel Bite Pro which are clinically proven to be able to protect your teeth from decay, made from natural ingredients, Steel Bite Pro is very safe to consume, well, for those of you who want to buy this supplement, you should read the steel bite pro reviews from consumers first.