The New Age of Social Media

We live in a time where our way of living has changed tremendously. Kids no longer play outside; they have phones now to keep them company. There is a disconnect with face to face communication because of technology. You have to talk to people on purpose now in order to build relationships.

Acknowledge those Around you

Having your face stuck in a phone all day long is rude. Technology is taking over the lives of the people. Keeping people occupied on their phones or computers shows a lack of discipline. If you can’t take your eyes out of the phone long enough to greet people or have a conversation. There’s a problem with discipline and there needs to be a discipline check. Even the younger kids are stuck to tablets and cell phones.

The best option would be to limit them to how long they’re on social media. It’s not a good idea to converse with anyone while on your phone strolling social media. It’s not fair to the people around you. Don’t make people feel invisible because you’re on your phone or table. Technology is not bad but can be addictive if you allow yourself to be consumed by it.

What Everyone Else is Doing

I believe that technology has given everyone access to what’s going on all over the world. This causes an addiction to social network sites. People portray a role on social media in order to make their lives look like something it’s not. I think that is where the addiction comes from. People view social media and assume everything that’s posted is true. It’s just a persona that people put on.

Technology is helpful when it concerns social media because of business purposes. You find out new ideas and helpful links. You find out what business is opening, who just had a baby, whose been promoted or when is the next class reunion.

Information is Key in Technology

Technology can be very rewarding like for Information Technology. If you have the right person running the department, technology keeps your company’s computer running the way it was designed to. The millennials have it good because they grew up with advanced technology. This department is used for different roles.

• Contingencies
• Application Development
• Technical Support
• Company Website
• IT Network Responsibilities

There are so many it companies in new york city to choose from. You wouldn’t know that technology wasn’t really a big thing a decade ago. But now it’s taking over the market and the world. Business Technology, Information Technology and Management Technology. You can now invest in technology via stocks and bonds. You can participate in technology via social media.

When technology advanced in the world it started off slow. Now it’s moving rapidly and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The best investment a person can give oneself is a class in information technology. To know how to work with technology is key to success today.