Tips for Wrapping Goods to Be Safe to the Destination

Have you ever ordered an item in an online shop and received goods with a messy condition?

Or do you have an online shop but don’t know the material used to wrap packages to stay safe and arrive in good condition?

Packaging of goods is often a problem especially if you have to receive complaints from consumers because the goods received are messy due to wrong packaging. Now you can call the TecDis that provide a kiosk delivery.

In shipping services, not all goods are treated specifically.

If the goods are sent are in high frequency or are already subscribed to by the shipping service, they will certainly be noticed, but what if your goods are not included in the category of goods next? We will give tips for wrapping things to be safe and keep their condition.

  1. Envelopes or wrapping paper

This wrapper is usually used to package items that don’t require special treatment, are quite lightweight, and don’t require a lot of space. For example, important documents, letters, clothes, towels, books/magazines, etc.

  • Cardboard

Cardboard is used to wrap items that need a little special treatment. Items wrapped in cardboard usually have their own level of criteria for items that can be placed on it. Items wrapped in cardboard, for example, bags, shoes, food, medicine, perfume, etc.

  • Styrofoam

Styrofoam is used as a protective item, especially to reduce vibrations and collisions from objects that require special treatment. There are many types of Styrofoam, which are boxes, sheets, small balls, nets, or boxes depending on needs. This wrap is usually used in the packaging of fruits, eggs, large electronic items, plates, porcelain, and other glassware.

  • Bubble wrap

This wrapper has the same function as Styrofoam, which is to protect it from vibrations or shocks. Bubble wrap is used to protect items such as electronic devices, cellphones, computer spare parts, etc. If you look for the best shipping service/logistic company. So, your electronic devices even the big spare parts will be safe.

  • Wooden crates

Wooden crates are usually used as extra wrapping. This wrapper can be wood that has a gap or wood that is tightly closed. Wooden crates are used on goods that have a high sensitivity, so they require special treatment and are usually used in shipping places that require air or sea transportation.

Those are the types of wrappers in accordance with the type and strength so that the goods you send can arrive in good condition and arrive safely.