Using All of Your Resources Is Vital to Success

Los Angeles has some amazing things. It’s certainly not lacking in much. And any business owner can verify one resource more than almost any other. That resource is competition. Los Angeles has a booming population. And it’s also one of the more technically savvy areas of the world. 

It’s little wonder that the business sector is also highly competitive. But being properly competitive isn’t something everyone can do equally. There’s always going to be people at the top and people on the bottom. And it’s often simply a matter of noticing what resources one can leverage in order to gain an advantage. 

In Los Angeles it might seem like everyone’s already gained any possible advantage. But there’s a simple rule of thumb to always keep in mind. And that’s the fact that there’s always going to be an untapped resource. The second the business landscape changes for anyone, for better or worse, a new resource is either consumed or made available. Even the geology of Los Angeles can offer up some interesting material. 

For example, consider the nearby ocean. There’s a strong lesson to be learned by studying it. One can look at the ocean and see nothing but water. But it’s also equally valid to say that the ocean is an example of high tech infrastructures within hostile environments. This is because the oceans often play host to networking cables. Now, consider how this can create a new type of business internet Los Angeles

This style of internet use takes a clue from the ocean. The first thing to keep in mind is the reason we use wires in the ocean rather than wireless. Using a wired infractureue as the foundation for the internet means vastly improved speeds. It also decreases latency. You can learn from this by setting up cabled networking within your company. By all means, feel free to use wireless connections. But this should always serve as an option extra on top of your existing cabled connection. 

Next, consider the fact that even in as difficult an environment as the ocean there’s networking redundancy. There are totally unused networking cables lining the ocean. And you too can protect against networking failure by laying down some extra infrastructure in your offices. This way it’ll prove far easier to just switch to a backup in case of emergency.

You should also take note of the biggest dangers of the ocean. The oceans actually have to protect the networking wires against sharks. For whatever reasons sharks like to nibble at networking cables. You might think that you have it easier. But your IT staff can attest to the fact that end users can do far more damage than any shark. Your own staff will do everything from spill hot coffee on a server to tripping over networking cables. 

So what can you do to protect against this danger? In the oceans people have started putting up specific shielding on cables to keep sharks at a distance. For your offices you’ll want to ensure your IT staff keeps track of what goes wrong with the infrastructure. Make sure they know that you put a huge value on the internet. And when they come to you with a report of the problem than act on it to ensure it never happens again. If you keep all of that in mind than you’ll have found a huge advantage over the competition.