5 Things to Consider when Buying Sunscreen

Sunblock must be used every day before exiting the house. Not only to prevent skin burning, but also to prevent skin cancer. Actually, sunshine is not always bad. The body still needs sunlight to produce vitamin D that is vital for bone health while reducing cardiovascular disease risk.

  1. Skin type checks.

There are three types of UV radiation emitted by the sun, but only UV A and UV B affect the human body, commonly known as aging rays, causes of skin aging, and contribute to wrinkles and black flees. Meanwhile, burning rays are the kind of rays that can make skin burn. Excessive exposure to both rays can lead to skin cancer. Moreover, UV A beams can penetrate glass and cloud cover. UV B rays can’t, but radiation is stronger than UV A.

The following things you must be considered when buying a sunscreen product:

There is two types of sunscreen, which are sunblock and sunscreen. ครีมกันแดดผิวแพ้ง่าย (sunscreen cream sensitive skin) use as a filter for sunlight, while this sunblock use as a skin barrier against sunlight.

  • Check SPF levels

This product stands for sun protection factor, to tell you how well it protects the skin from sun stings. The minimum level of SPF recommended by experts worldwide is SPF 30, higher is better. Sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 can block 97% of UV B rays. Also, high-SPG products provide better protection than the risk of long-term skin damage, such as skin cancer.

  • It should be waterproof and sweatproof

Actually, the use of waterproof and sweatproof is inadequate because sunscreens will remain rinsed if we are in water for a long time. So, whatever the sun screen is, we should still re-apply it evenly ideally after swimming.

  • Make sure the Broad Spectrum

Sunscreen containing UV B has been more popular since ancient times, but what we really need is a sunblock product marked “broad spectrum”. This means that sunscreen can protect against both UV A and UV B rays. If your skin type is oily and acne, it is generally preferable to choose a lighter sunscreen based on gel. If your skin gets dry, you can choose any type of sunscreen, such as cream, sticks, and lotion. But first swabbing your face moisturizer.

  • Check type of sunscreen

Sunscreen type cream can be applied to all bodies, including the face. While gel provides suitable use in areas of hair, such as scalp or breast (for men). If you want to provide more protection under the eye, select a sunscreen shaped on a stick. Sunblock also has a spray can that contains a liquid sunscreen. Spray it several times on the desired body parts, then apply it evenly over the surface of the skin. This type of sunscreen does not spray directly on the face, but first inject it onto the palm and then apply it evenly.