A Line of Reasons Why Linux is Popular Among Programmers


Suara.com – Linux is a free and open source operating system that is used by many programmers from around the world. Indeed, for ordinary people in general, the Linux operating system is not very well known.

Many people use Windows or Mac OS more often to accompany their work mobility. Yes, there are several reasonable reasons why Linux is the programmer’s favorite operating system.

Usually, programmers work with Linux software as it is a free open source operating system which is very reliable and gives programmers full control with customization.

Simple Display Illustration of Ubuntu Linux Distro (Pixabay/guaxipo)
Simple Display Illustration of Ubuntu Linux Distro (Pixabay/guaxipo)

About a quarter of all the developers in the world use Linux as their operating system and it has only grown in popularity since its release in 1991. But why do these programmers like to use Linux?

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The following is some reasons why programmers use Linux:

Reliability & Safety

Linux is very secure and reliable. Developers continually update the operating system with fixes that present any security risks.

Also, the open-source version of Linux isn’t widely used by the general public so very few viruses are created for it.

Having a team that is constantly being nurtured and developed, there are very few people who can crack the technology. It offers the best security.

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Linux is so reliable and secure that of today’s 1 million web servers, 96.4% of them use it as their operating system.

Open Source

Open source means the technology is created and maintained by a community of people free of charge. Programmers don’t have to pay a company to license and use Linux like they do with Windows or mac OS.

The advantage of this means that Linux is constantly updated and distributed free of charge. You can also use open source tools like Wine to run Windows apps on Linux, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Freedom of Control and Adjustment

Arguably the most important reason programmers use Linux is for the level of control and customization it allows.

This allows programmers to tailor the operating system to their needs and be truly innovative in their approach.

As a software engineer, you will literally be able to change any part of the operating system. From changing the desktop environment to removing the GUI.

Linux is not only faster than Windows and mac OS but also uses less of your computer’s resources. Less CPU usage means better battery life and an overall smoother user experience.

In comparison, a Windows 10 installation will take up around 15 GB of storage space on your device. In contrast, a basic Linux installation only takes up 4GB. So if there is something more economical, why not?

Independence and interoperability

The main benefit of Linux is that it is platform-independent that runs smoothly on mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs and even supercomputers.

Its open-source nature means that Linux can easily be ported to other architectures by any developer who wants to do so.

Supports many programming Languages
This is the most reasonable reason why many programmers use the Linux operating system.

Linux supports many programming languages. Many free tools that can be used. The following list of programming languages ​​supported on Linux.

C# (Using Monodevelop)
Pascal (Using FPC and Lazarus)
Basic/VB (Using Gambas)

Those are some of the reasons why programmers prefer to use the Linux operating system over the others.

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