Do You Confuse About Determining the House Floor? Here are 6 Floor Options for your Minimalist Residential

The floor is present to make life more comfortable, more pleasant room, and easier to clean. The simplest floor is made from compacted soil. The ancients used granite and marble as a floor, the same as most floors are discovered today. The following are alternative floors that you can try.


If you want an elegant interior appearance, there may not be more steady choices than marble. Natural marble appearance is unique, easy to polished, beautiful shiny. If you are looking for good quality marble tiles, you can visit Amber. They provide bathroom tiles sale at an affordable price.

However, you must pay attention to the marble floor treatments. Marble is known to be easily scratched and stained by acidic fluids. The structure is fragile too. Therefore, you need to add a base coat after installing it.

For your minimalist home, try to choose white marble. The impression will seem simple, clean, but also luxurious. You can use as a kitchen floor, bathroom, or living room. Marble floors are also suitable for use as a family room floor. To feel warmer, you can add a carpet on the top.


For those who like minimalist and industrial styles, concrete floors are the right choice. Not just for garages, concrete floors are also good for home interiors. In addition to plain concrete floors, you can also add color, material, texture, to polish it until shiny.

As a floor, concrete is very tough and easy to clean. If you add the right base paint, the surface will become water-resistant. Concrete is also very minimal maintenance. You can use concrete as a basement floor, bathroom, entrance line, and the kitchen. Concrete floors can be used for living rooms. Like a marble floor, you can warm and soften its appearance with a favorite carpet.

Porcelain Floor

You also need to consider porcelain floors for interior floors. This type of flooring is also gaining in popularity for minimalist homes. Porcelain flooring is made from kaolin-rich clay, making it look exclusive and more elegant than tile floors.

Porcelain flooring also comes in a variety of motives, besides the plain. For minimalist house floors, you can choose porcelain floors with other natural motifs such as wood. You will get a warmth impression of wood, but with the taste and toughness of a piece of ceramic floor.

Ceramic Floor

Maybe some people don’t care about the difference between porcelain and ceramics. The quality and basic materials are different. Ceramics are made from a mixture of clay and sand. If you want a minimalist choice of a frugal home flooring, the ceramic floor can be a great choice. Among the previous flooring materials, tile floors are cheaper. Its durability is also very qualified in addition to its clean appearance and easy maintenance of course.

Granite Floor

If you want a natural stone floor besides marble, granite can be an option. The texture is good, giving a solid, natural, firm impression, but also beautiful. In terms of strength, granite does not need to doubt its toughness. Granite is also known for its waterproof and vapor. Like wood floors, granite floors can also be an option for allergic sufferers such as asthma or others. You can get a granite floor with a rough finishing until smooth shiny.

Are you still confused to determine the type of floor for a minimalist house? You do not need to worry. Amber can provide the right solution for you.