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You also can make the sidebar appear routinely when touching the border and customise its design. Right-click on it and select options to take action. The gadgets included are actually useful when working with the PC.

Fixed transparency bug in 7 Sidebar. Improve compatibility with Windows 11. Make hotkey Win+C for Clipboarder and Win+G for Gadget Focus work in Windows 11. Remove url for ip detection in Network Meter that was causing false Anti-Virus alerts.

Windows 7 already does have gadgets by default, however this program gives you an easy method to set up many high-quality gadgets. It also can bring the gadgets back in case they had been disabled or uninstalled. In case you do not like 8GadgetPack you’ll be able to uninstall it and nonetheless use the gadgets provided by Windows 7.

Unlike Metro-Apps gadgets can access helpful system-information. The included Clipboard-Manager gadget for example will highly enhance your productivity. With the Sidebar gadget, you may make the gadgets seen whereas working with maximized home windows. Startup is extra reliable now hopefully.

Added on choice to 8GadgetPack Tools that permits to vary the size of gadgets. Added a fix that makes the Microsoft weather gadget extra reliable. Improved DPI scaling with some gadgets. Fixed a bug in the CPU Gadget that occured on Non-English systems. Changed Clipboarder so copied textual content all the time creates a new component, even when it is the same as the current one.


Fixed a hold in 7 Sidebar that occured on Windows 10 when explorer.exe hangs and the window-manager was open. Fixed a bug that caused the clock to display its arms off middle. Made the gadget “Remove Drive Safely” high-dpi compatible and fixed a bug in the gadget that triggered high-cpu utilization over time.

About Gadgets 360

Resolved an error message stopping to put in when an uninstall previously went wrong. Added several gadgets and up to date a couple of. New users will get a message now that the sidebar is closable and that gadgets still can be moved to the desktop.

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Fix bogus autorun message in Windows eleven. Removed Sticky Notes Online for new installations . Try to download and run this removal software.

This method you have your gadgets always in sight. A drawback is although, that the shut button of maximized home windows is not on the top-right corner anymore. To fix this you probably can put the sidebar on the left facet.

I may make quite some money by adding adware to the installer, however I’m positive you appreciate it that this installer is clean. This is actually just a gadget that can assist you maintaining the gadgets organized and visual. You can right-click on it and choose “shut sidebar” to do so. Even with the sidebar the gadgets can still be moved onto the desktop as you like. Or you can even add extra sidebars by including the gadget “7 Sidebar”. This is particularly useful when working with a quantity of monitors.

Basically every major language is supported now. Contact me if you would like a particular language added. Clipboarder now lets you search the web for a copied textual content with a single click. Fixed a transparency bug in 7 Sidebar.

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