In Sochi, an upsurge in false advertisements for the sale of housing was recorded


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From 34% to 50% of advertisements for the sale of apartments in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are false, real estate market players informed Izvestia about the results of their own research.

In the southern resorts, a similar situation was observed before, but in 2023 the number of fictitious offers significantly increased, according to experts. Market players explain this by the reorientation of a number of buyers from the acquisition of real estate abroad in favor of Russia.

The director of the federal company “Etazhi” in Sochi, Pavel Bykov, said that the share of false advertisements for the sale of housing in the city was 50%. He was informed that the number of false advertisements has increased both on social networks and on specialized sites.

  • According to our estimates, about half of all real estate ads in Sochi are now fake. Some aim to attract the attention of potential buyers, while others implement frankly fraudulent schemes, the expert said.

A similar trend was also reported at investment firm Flip. According to the organization’s monitoring data, one in three real estate listings in the south of the country are fictitious. According to company specialists, this problem is especially acute in Sochi.

Sometimes scammers place ads for the sale of items that don’t actually exist. They attract buyers at a low price, however, having received a pledge, they disappear.

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