Is Managed Cloud Hosting an Ideal Choice for Beginners?

When you have just begun the journey of hosting a website and starting an online business, you aren’t sure which hosting provider to pick or which solution to adopt. While at one end, you are limited in your budget, you also seek a reliable and efficient hosting solution for your business.

Often, entrepreneurs are fascinated by the claim of affordability created by Shared Hosting solutions. However, the fact that they lack advanced security and cannot accommodate high and dynamic traffic makes them a temporary solution. This is where we introduce the concept of Cloud Server Hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is the perfect amalgamation of Shared Hosting and Cloud architecture. The websites are hosted on a shared space which is powered by secure Cloud storage. The website data is stored across multiple servers, which ensures advanced data security. Cloud Hosting solves the cons of Shared Hosting with seamless scalability of resources, advanced data protection, efficient backups, automatic recovery and added features like data mirroring. It has emerged to be the hosting of choice among various types of businesses

Wondering whether you can use it as a beginner? Let’s walk down the feature set of the hosting solution.

  1. Scalability: The first and the most important thing about Cloud Hosting is its undeterred scalability. Right now, you are a newbie, and your website has decent traffic. But with time, you expect your site to grow and grab greater attention. Under such a situation, you would need to scale up your hosting resources to accommodate more users. While other solutions do allow you to upgrade, the process and cost can be tedious. 

This is where Cloud Server Hosting seems the right choice. With Cloud Hosting, you buy a base plan with the minimum resources you require when you start. And when the traffic exceeds the limit, the scaling up is pretty easy. With one-click scalability, you would not miss a second before your hosting scales up, answering to the growing requests of all users.

  1. Security: One of the reasons why Shared Hosting isn’t the right solution is the higher vulnerability towards cyber-attacks and hacks. With growing instances of cyberattacks, you cannot compromise on their data privacy, and hence, Cloud Hosting seems to fit the purpose best. Cloud Hosting involves hosting the site data across multiple servers. So, even if one stops working, others in the network can gear up to recover the loss. Cloud Hosting providers offer dedicated storage solutions that mirror your data across three devices, which guarantee seamless backup, recovery and repair.
  2. Automated Backups: Since you are new and might not have much technical knowledge, the backend server maintenance may seem too tedious. Creating regular backups, performing updates and recovery operations are only an addon to your list of problems. Don’t worry! With Managed Cloud Hosting, the service provider takes care of everything – from dedicated data backup to recovery services that keep your data secured. This relieves you from the backup worries, and you can now focus more on your business. 
  3. Cost-Efficiency: Cloud Hosting eliminates the investment and maintenance required for costly hardware and software. You simply pay for the Cloud Hosting packages, and everything else is taken care of by the provider. You buy the plan that suits your current hosting requirements. If the traffic rises, you simply scale up the resources. As a result, Cloud Hosting effortlessly tackles the basic requirement of beginners – a cost-effective hosting solution!


Choosing the right hosting service is not just a choice but a necessity. One wrong decision and your business might shut down, even before it starts. From the discussion above, it is pretty clear that the benefits rendered by Cloud Hosting outweigh the cost as compared to other hosting services. Hence, it is the best choice for beginners.