Reading the Minds of Everyone

My mind has been completely blown after last week. My best friend’s birthday was last week and I had a party for him. For entertainment, I went to and hired a mentalist that would be able to perform amazing mental acts on the party guests. The mentalist was even better than I expected, and everyone who attended the party couldn’t believe just how great he was at reading their minds. My friend isn’t the kind of person who is easily impressed by performers, but the mentalist was able to completely make him excited. To him, it was the best birthday party he ever had.

The mentalist worked on every guest at the party one by one, revealing just what they were thinking and revealing information that no one else would have known about them. We couldn’t decide if the guy was just really good at guessing stuff, or if he had the ability to really read people’s minds. Either way, it was impressive that he was able to do this to everyone and not get a single bit of information wrong. My friend especially loved how he was able to do this, and wanted the mentalist to come back to him every minute.

When the party was over, my friend wanted it to go on a bit longer so he could have the mentalist perform more, but people had to leave, and the mentalist had other events to attend. My friend asked me if I could get the mentalist to come back next year because he wanted to have the same experience again. I told him that I would be happy to do it, and I would probably get one for my own birthday party. I might even hire one for my parents, because they would really get a kick out of seeing someone read their minds.