Tips and Trick for Playing Connect 4

Connect 4 is a 2-players strategy game that you can play online. The grid is made up of vertical columns and horizontal rows containing holes into which players take turns sliding discs. The aim of the game is to place four of your chips in a continuous line, whether horizontally, vertically or diagonally. It might sound very simple, but it takes a lot of strategy and you will win more often if you learn the following tactics.

Control the Center of the Grid

First of all, choose a reliable platform like to play. You will easily find a playmate. Then, the simplest strategy to increase your chances of winning Connect 4 is to place your discs in the center of the grid. That’s where you will have the most opportunities to make connections. Since there are an odd number of columns, if you have chips in the center, you will be able to form rows all over the place. If you go first, put your first disc in the middle column. Whether you play first or second, try to put as many chips as possible in this column.

Plan your Next Moves

As in chess, you or your opponent may be forced to place a token in a way that prevents the other from winning when playing Connect 4. You can sometimes take advantage of these situations, so it is important to think about your opponent’s reaction when deciding where to place a disc. For example, if you want to be sure that you can put a chip in a particular hole, you can place discs that could potentially allow you to win elsewhere. Your opponent will counter your attack there, and you can slip your token into the location you want. Before playing, ask yourself how your opponent might benefit from your stroke. You don’t want to do anything that might win him over. Think about how the other player will benefit from your shots.

Block your Opponent

In any game, the basic rule of not losing is to prevent your opponent from winning. In the case of Connect 4, that means you have to defend yourself against the other player’s tactics by putting your discs in the free holes they need to complete a series of fours. When possible, prevent your opponent from placing three discs in a continuous row, because in this case, they will only need one disc to win. Also, hindering the other player from making a three-way round will prevent them from getting trapped by setting up their chips so that they can win in multiple ways.