Tricks for Job Seeker Before Deciding to do Resign

Have you ever thought about resigning from a job that you are in now? This is very natural since everyone needs to develop. But, the desire to focus on finding work before resigning from the current position can be a challenge. Finding information on job vacancies and taking interviews or tests certainly requires a lot of time. Moreover, on the other hand, performance in the current office also needs to be maintained for the sake of professionalism.

However, looking for a new job before resigning is not impossible. Here are some tips for finding a job before resigning you need to know.

Create a Schedule for Looking for Work

Managing your time is the key to successfully finding work before resigning. If you have free time in the morning, prepare 1-2 hours early to find a new job on the website. But if it’s not possible to do it in the morning, then schedule your time to look for the latest job openings at night. For example, try the Recruitment Agency Bangkok Criterion, Visit the website at It is better to avoid looking for work in between working in the office. Besides it makes you less concentrated on your job, it can be caught by work colleagues.

Update CVs and Other Documents Required

Don’t forget to prepare a ‘document’ to find a new job, like an updated CV. Make a cover letter, portfolio, and other documents that are certainly needed. If it is complete, you can start looking for job vacancies that match your current career plan. This preparation is important so that when there is an appropriate job, you can immediately apply.

Avoid Using an Office Account

Even if you are looking for work before resigning, you should avoid using email or office phones. This is important to maintain your confidentiality in finding a new job. Also, it’s do not to take calls from other companies’ HR in the work area to minimize the risk of someone listening to your conversations.

Saving Leave Ration

When looking for a job later, you will certainly get various interview calls or tests. So, you should start saving your leave allowance to fulfill the interview call. Avoid spending your leave early because it can be difficult when you need it later on.