Types of Data Centers

A building of private infrastructural facilities for data center services was the major things businessmen engage in before they realized … Read MoreTypes of Data CentersRead More >Types of Data Centers

A building of private infrastructural facilities for data center services was the major things businessmen engage in before they realized the cost of developing a private data center was quite much, and then these businessmen realized that these facilities could also be used as a business avenue to those in need of data center services.

These services help to control the IT infrastructure privately which is done by agreement of subscription platform. This subscription is based on the agreement between the data center service provider and the businessman, this gives relief and security to both the businessman and his website or software. The price varies on the traffic or the number of software on the IT management services.

Types of data centers

Enterprise Data Centers

Before now, sites of data centers are built by enterprises themselves, but in recent days building of private data centers have not really been the best of investments for companies,because of the cost for construction and maintenance involved. This made businessmen realize that data center service resource could be used in business development.


This type of data center service provides you with the building, physical security and power while the provision of storages and server is provided by the customer. The main reason collocation is preferred is because maintenance of the building and the smart hands will not be the problem of the customer.

Wholesale Data Centers

This is available for bigger companies that require more space than that of a typical collocation, they generally offer bigger space to the customer for hardware and they are usually offered at a cheaper price than a typical collocation.

Data center hosting

Data center hosting can either be a shared hosting, managed to host and dedicated hosting.

Managed hosting

This type of data center hosting and that of dedicated are a lot alike but have some features to the customers that use their center. These data center provides customers with IT personnel with smart hands for data management, system administrator, system monitoring,application management and more. The management of every facility or the smart hands is done by the service providers but hardware can be provided either bythe data center service provider or by the customer.

Dedicated hosting

In this type of data center hosting the customer have utmost control of the allocated server given to him, every storage and server is been dedicated to a customer without sharing it with other customers for just one purpose. The customer manages the hardware and maintains the equipment himself.

Shared Hosting

This type of data center hosting is quite the opposite of dedicated hosting, in this system the data center service provider host multiple clients or businesses, the server shares multiple software or website. The data center service provider allows their server to be used by more than one customer by creating an interface that accepts different clients with their different business needs. As we have all these as types of the data center, we should realize that they all have disadvantages depending on the use.