Watch: Cat Giving A Kiss To Man Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today


Last Updated: July 22, 2023, 1:22 PM IST

The man turned emotional after receiving the kiss.  (Credits: Reddit)

The man turned emotional after receiving the kiss. (Credits: Reddit)

The heartwarming video captures the man gazing at his cat, as the pet takes its time to observe him before leaning in to plant a kiss.

The bond between humans and animals is truly heartwarming. Among beloved pets, cats hold a unique enchanting power over their human encounters. Their independent and mysterious nature makes it all the more special when they show affection. Recently, a heartwarming moment unfolded when a man received a loving kiss from his feline friend, leaving him visibly moved.

The heartwarming video opens with a man lying on his back, and his cat perched on his chest. As the man gazes at his feline friend, the cat takes its time to observe him. Gradually, the cat leans in and bestows a kiss on his cheek. Watch the video here:

The cute clip was shared by a user on Reddit. Accompanying the video, he wrote in the caption, “My cat gave me a kiss. She always does this but the first time I got a video of it, she’s so sweet (with a holding back tears emoticon).”

As soon as the video surfaced on the internet it spread across the social media platforms, amassing an outpouring of heartwarming responses from the viewers. Many shared similar experiences of their own with their beloved feline encounters.

Reacting to the post, a Reddit user wrote, “Aww, Kiss bite whatever you call it. Kitty loves you,” while another commented, “Kitty loves you very much.”

“Looks like the gadget dude in jury duty on Amazon,” read another comment.

The connection between humans and cats is undeniably unique and special. Cats possess an uncanny ability to sense human emotions and provide comfort when they need it most. Research from The National Library of Medicine has revealed that interacting with cats can have therapeutic effects, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. The soothing sound of a cat’s purr has even been found to lower blood pressure and evoke a sense of tranquillity.

Social media users remarked they were envious of such an adorable moment and wanted one for themselves.

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