Why Millennial Moms Like High Tech Baby Items

A no-touch thermometer, ankle bracelets that track heart rate and sleep cycles, a hands-free breast pump, a baby changing pad that also functions as a scale and a sleep monitor sounds pretty fancy for a few baby items. Indeed these items are pretty fancy. But who needs a changing table that reports to a smartphone app the exact weight of a baby and who needs a hands free pump to pump breast milk? You guessed it. Millennial moms. Tech creators and product developers love how millennial moms enjoy high tech baby items and don’t mind spurlging on. 

Millennials are a generation that is engrossed with technology. They’ve practically grown up with it. So, why would they not want the same for their children? These infants are born into a world with parents who want the latest and greatest technological discoveries for their children. These parents don’t mind shelling out money either. But they are pretty particular on what type of tech items they want. From name matching to products that sync with a smartphone app to baby food delivery there are so many different products and services available that just scream millennial and this new generation of parents are running to the stores to purchase these items. 

Health is big right now. It is not only a trend for people to be obsessed with their health but it is also a major reason why millennial parents are buying any gadget for their infant that gives them insights on the baby’s health. Ankle monitors can track the breathing, heart rate and sleepy cycle of a baby. They function pretty similar to fitness trackers that adults wear. 

Nutritious food and meal prep is loved by millennials. There are baby food delivery companies that essentially are food prep companies for babies. These companies of course only supply the healthiest foods with all the nutrients and vitamins a growing baby needs. 

Bedding and sleep time is big for millennial parents. They purchase items that ensure their baby will have a comfortable and peaceful sleep. They don’t mind spending big bucks on items that mimic the comfort and sound of the womb. They don’t mind breaking the bank for items that automatically make babies feel like they’re riding in a car or being rocked in the arms of mom and dad. 

Anything natural or organic is extremely important to this generation of parents. From fabric type to food type they are demanding that products be made from the best ingredients and made by companies that are socially and environmentally conscious. Towels used for bathing, sheets for bedding and even toys must be sourced from the best materials possible in order to catch the attention of these millennial moms

A love for technology is exactly what millennial parents have. They love their mini-mes so much they only crave high tech items for them. These groups of kids are immediately being introduced to technology immediately from the womb and will become tomorrow’s next generation of tech lovers.