Why Would I Need Insurance?

In financial planning, insurance plays a vital role and becomes an integral unit of the financial plan.

A good financial plan, in addition to a way to achieve financial goals, must take into account all possible risks. The risk of doing so could derail all the financial plans that have been devised. Pacific cross is Insurance for Thailand the best for now. You can visit his website at https://www.pacificcrosshealth.com/en/health-insurance/.

There are four types of insurance that are required in sound financial planning. In addition to life insurance, property insurance (for those who already own property) and vehicle insurance (for those who already have vehicles), there is also compulsory health insurance in a financial plan.

Health insurance is essential for each person to protect himself and his family from the financial risks caused by high medical costs. Paying money from my own funds for hospital treatment, even though it’s a short period of time, can be very expensive.

If the funds are not available, it is likely that funds that have been set up for other purposes will be used to meet these needs, so that an established financial plan will be ruined.

This is the importance of health insurance, since no one is free of the risk of getting sick. If that happens, then health insurance may allow a person or family member to receive needed medical treatment if he or she is ill without having to interfere with financial health. Health insurance provides peace of mind and minimizes financial risks because of having to make large payments to health-care providers in case of illness.

Unlike critical health insurance that restricts the nature of disease and the degree of disease, health insurance does not limit it. Whatever your illness, as long as you are in the hospital that is registered with the police is entitled to reimbursement for treatment. – the restrictions there, as well as on critical sickness insurance, are only on the place fond of payment.

Critical disease insurance in financial planning is therefore compulsory or expedient. The first protection against pain risk is in the form of health insurance, because it covers all types of disease and it makes no difference in the degree of disease. Critical disease insurance is the next protection, fully anticipating that a person will lose his job by suffering from a critical illness with only 1 year left in life expectancy.

If you already have a health insurance facility from where you work and feel enough about the coverage, it doesn’t require additional health insurance. If you feel that the insurance from these office facilities is not going to meet expectations, additional health insurance to cover the deficit may be available.