Xi Jinping sent a retaliatory letter to Bangladeshi girl Alifa China


Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a reply letter to Bangladeshi girl Alifa China, encouraging her to work hard, pursuing her dreams and strengthening China-Bangladesh traditional friendship, inheriting it. The letter says that the personal experience of the little girl Alifa in her letter is a pure illustration of China-Bangladesh friendship. The people of both the countries have been good neighbors and good friends since ancient times. The history of bilateral friendly exchanges goes back over a thousand years. 600 years ago, the “treasure ship” of Chang He, a navigator in China’s Ming Dynasty, visited Bengal twice and sowed the seeds of friendship between the peoples of the two countries. 600 years later, Chinese female military doctors aboard the Huaiyuan ship of the Chinese Navy’s hospital ship “Peace Ark” helped Alifa’s mother recover from danger and give birth smoothly in Chittagong. The father named his daughter “China”. This story has written a new and touching chapter on the friendship between the two countries. Xi Jinping pointed out that he was very happy to know that Alifa aspires to be an ambassador of China-Bangladesh friendship when she grows up, and that she would like to live in China in the future. Hopes to study medicine and save lives and heal the injured like a “sugar mother”. On the occasion of International Children’s Day on June 1, he wished Alifa good health, family happiness and academic progress. Alifa China was born in 2010, her mother suffered from dystocia due to severe heart disease, and at one point she was about to die. The Chinese Navy hospital ship “Peace Ark”, which was visiting Chittagong in Bangladesh at the time, received a call for help and dispatched military doctors to a local hospital as soon as possible. Chinese female military doctors performed a caesarean section under great pressure and finally the mother and daughter were saved. To show his gratitude, his father named him “China”.(Credits- China Media Group, Beijing)

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