Xiaomi 12 Receives the Latest Software for the Stable Version of MIUI 14, Here’s the Advantages


MANADOKU, Mind of the People – Not wanting the presence of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series, Xiaomi will also release the latest MIUI 14 technology.

Revealed in mid-December 2022 ago, Xiaomi 13 uses the MIUI 14 version based on Android 13.

As the company says, currently the most optimized and simplified version of MIUI is available.

The system architecture has been updated at the Android kernel level making it easier for the processor and graphics to work, reducing firmware size and memory usage.

For example, MIUI 14 on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra should run 60% smoother than the previous version of the system.

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Among other updates, it should be noted that now only 8 applications cannot be removed from the system, which is a significant step for the manufacturer.

Additionally, the system has studied compression for apps that are rarely used, and has disabled notifications permanently.

Along with this, MIUI 14 is better able to process duplicate files, recognition of text and objects in images in the gallery has been improved.

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