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VISAKHAPATNAM: An idea struck during the Covid-19 pandemic has reached a tangible shape owing to sustained efforts in space research and technology by a group of Vizag youth led by their mentor and Head of the Department of electrical department of Andhra University. Their dream to make low-cost satellites will be realized soon as their model is nearing completion and its prototype will be ready in another six months.

The youths from different branches of engineering stream, who are alumni of Andhra University, joined forces to form the first start-up ‘Taramandal’ in space technology in the State, incubated at A-Hub Incubation Center in Andhra University. Naming their low cost satellite model as ‘Tarasat’, the team is now developing a sub-system for the satellite, ‘Taracon’.

The startup has been co-founded by Vineel Judson, D Rajesh, M Gautam, T Neelakantasewarareddy and N Rama Jaya Lakshmi who have extensive experience in formulation, planning, designing, execution and validation of various kinds of advanced technological concepts transformed into products to compete with those counterparts globally.

Taramandal has been recognized by various organizations such as In-Space, ISRO, Australian Space Agency (ASA), Taiwan Space agency (TASA), Satcom Industry Association India (SIA-India) and Indian Space Association (ISpA), for its critical innovative space technologies.

Stating that the vast majority of spacecrafts in the past have suffered some degree of performance degradation and 32 per cent of deployment anomalies resulting in substantial reduction of spacecraft performance capabilities, team leader A Vineel Judson told TNIE that the strat-up focuses on developing and achieving sustainable satellites and its sub-systems, which may self-deorbit after the end of its service period and can address the issue of space debris and other critical technological complications.

“Taramandal orients its research resources to identify-formulate-design-develop necessary technologies to strengthen the industrial houses of the nation in terms of technology, economy and ease of making. Indigenous design and development are the major priorities in order to reduce reliance on foreign suppliers. Our vision at Taramandal is to have a clear orbit with a sustainable environment for satellites where all space assets are either reused or deorbited. This vision of ours will help private industry, research and public institutions to flourish,” he said.

P Mallikrajuna Rao, HoD of Electrical Engineering and also the mentor of the group, said when he met the team during the covid pandemic, he saw a strong urge among the five members to make a headway in achieving their dream project.

“The group members from different wings such as mechanical, systems integration, embedded programming and simulation formed into a group and since then they are not looking back,” the HoD recalled.

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