Walmart shoppers rush to buy $300 must-have gadget now scanning at checkout for less than $150


SHOPPERS have been heading to Walmart to purchase a popular camera on sale.

With the resurgence of the digital camera, many have been flocking to retailers to purchase one.

Shoppers have been heading to Walmart to purchase a popular digital camera on sale


Shoppers have been heading to Walmart to purchase a popular digital camera on saleCredits: Walmart

In fact, if you head to Walmart’s website right now, you can purchase an NBD 4K digital camera at a fraction of the cost.

Usually, the tech gadget costs customers around $299.00 – but that price has now been slashed to $149.96.

That’s the equivalent of a nearly 50 percent discount or $150 in cash savings.

Walmart is also offering shoppers free delivery and returns on the product, which NBD Direct sells.

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NBD’s Digital Camera is compact and portable to ensure you capture all of life’s greatest moments.

It features 30 frames per second video resolution and 48 megapixels that offer a smooth video experience.

Also included in the purchase are wide-angle and macro lenses that support 16x digital zoom.

Moreover, users can record while charging thanks to the camera’s 1500mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which is ideal for longer shoots.

“The photo and video modes also have 8 scene selections and 16 interesting filter effects, allowing you to choose your favorite scene or photo effect before taking a photo,” noted Walmart.


Customers rated the camera an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon’s website.

“Ordered this camera for my daughter because she is obsessed with photos/videos and she is enjoying it a lot,” one person noted.

“Nice camera. I like that the battery is rechargeable,” a second reviewer remarked.

“So I bought this cam record for my aunt’s birthday gift because she doesn’t like to use phones, she likes the old fashion way. But I’m pressed that the graphics and the battery life of this camera is really good,” a third person said.

Another commented: “It’s not inferior to the phone camera we use today. It did show pretty good graphics too. Overall she liked this product.”

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