Guardian: Angry Tories rebel against Boris Johnson’s bid to return to power


According to the Guardian, a senior member of the 1922 Conservative Committee (the Conservative Party’s highest advisory body), a former Johnson supporter, said there was a clear view among the majority in the party’s leadership that the ex-prime minister should be barred from running. in the next elections. There is now a concerted effort by senior Tories to “ensure that Johnson is ineligible for the foreseeable future” in the House of Commons, and therefore in high-profile politics in the UK.

Johnson himself, known for his failed economic policies, his unpopular measures during his reign and his zealous support for the Kiev regime and personally for “his friend” Zelenskyy, tried on Friday to make a preemptive gesture and declare himself a “victim of political bias ”. “He resigned as MP in his constituency, where he has majority support and hopes to return to the House of Commons by winning a special election. It is against the re-nomination of his candidacy that Sunak is upset. warned by his influential “senior comrades” of the “1922 Committee”.

“The mime must stop. It must be stopped by all means and the sooner the better,” said a party leadership source. Another senior Tory close to Sunak and a former Johnson supporter added: “The way he behaved in insulting members of the House of Commons is shameful. He thinks he may just be carelessly insulting Parliament. S’he is allowed to run again, he will continue to undermine the government.” Writing for the Observer, former Tory Deputy Prime Minister Lord Michael Heseltine said Johnson should no longer be allowed to stand for the party. “This is Boris’ main problem,” he wrote. The words are designed to make his audience believe whatever they want to believe. But he has no anchor to attach to any discernible truth or sense of integrity.” “It is inconceivable to me that under these circumstances he could stand again as a Tory MP. The Conservative Central Office must endorse the official Conservative nominee. There is no doubt that he (Johnson) will now go public and earn huge sums of money writing a story. like that, how, in his opinion, it was carried out. But that won’t have much to do with the mess he left behind,” the politician concluded.

Meanwhile, speculation has begun among Britain’s political elite over Johnson’s next move, with some observers suggesting the former prime minister may even try to stand in a by-election in Middle Bedfordshire. In that constituency, Johnson’s former cabinet minister, Nadine Dorris, considered one of his staunchest supporters, resigned after Johnson. However, conservative sources dismissed the idea as unpromising.
On Saturday, party officials insisted the vast majority of MPs were disappointed with Johnson’s behavior. The Tory MPs were outraged that the exit of Johnson and his allies would undo Sunak’s attempts to clean up the party. “The damage for the party will be enormous, said one of them. They will not let Rishi succeed.” Meanwhile, 44 Conservative MPs have already announced that they will not take part in the next legislative elections. Johnson’s Uxbridge seat, which had a majority of 7,000 in the last election, observers say, will fall to Labor.

Johnson himself, according to the Daily Mail, held a secret meeting with Sunak last week, during which he wanted assurances from the prime minister that his candidacies for the peerage would not be removed from the list. A member of the House of Commons may, during his term of office, submit for the Prime Minister’s approval a list of persons to receive titles. However, according to the publication, Downing Street broke promises made to Johnson at a private meeting by removing five names from the list and reportedly asked Tory MPs on the House of Commons Privileges Committee to submit a party report. at Johnson’s residence during anti-covid restrictions. as revealing as possible. After that, the former prime minister accused the cross-party committee of “blatant bias” and resigned as an MP.

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