Prince Harry.. How will he be marginalized during the coronation ceremony?


Sources told the Daily Mail there were “no plans” for him to join the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, attend a private family lunch or even pose for photos.

Harry will also not take part in the return procession from Westminster Abbey, or join his family on the balcony for the traditional public appearance.

Instead, the king’s son, who is fifth in line to the throne, will be demoted to ‘other’ status in the famed chapel.

And the sources stressed that Harry would ‘be in and out of Britain within 24 hours’. He plans to fly back to California right after the ceremony, to be with Meghan Markle for their son Archie’s birthday.

Insiders said last night they could not rule out he had an unplanned ‘private family conversation’ with his father after arriving in Britain.

A source specializing in British royal affairs told the Daily Mail: “To be honest, it seems a bit absurd that Prince Harry is in attendance. His place in the order of importance is now clear.”

He added: “Maybe participating is the right thing for him in the long run. He can at least say he came and made an effort to be with his dad on his big day…but the red carpet will definitely not be rolled out for him, he will just be another member of the church.”

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